The divorce rate in both Canada and the United States is unsettlingly high. This doesn’t include broken engagements, common-law relationships, or long-term romantic pairings. How could life be different if couples had the tools to build more powerful relationships? How much pain could be avoided if these tools were available from the very beginning? Is it possible that it could not only help you build the romantic life you deserve, but also aid in determining if a person is right for you? 
Brandon is a Board-certified master coach, trained in neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, and Creating Your Future® processes. Committed to the wellness and empowerment of his clients, he is in the process of completing his post-secondary education in behavioural psychology, so he can bridge the gap between traditional therapeutic practices and alternative coaching methodologies. 
I invite you to join me, so that, together, we can create the type of romantic life that you deserve. You have it in you, now you just need to learn to use the tools. Because, you don’t know what you don’t know, you know? 
Our Mission 
Our mission is to guide couples, and those looking for long-term romantic partners, in creating new strategies; exploring and letting go of debilitating insecurities; and harnessing their powers of communication and conflict resolution to better serve them in creating stronger relationships and/or attracting the type of person they can truly see themselves building a life with.
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